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About Kaela.

Kaela first began her musical journey in the fourth grade when the high school orchestra teacher came to her elementary school. She fell in love with the violin and played it until she had to have her fingers bandaged! Kaela continued her studies in violin throughout her formative school years and into college participating in school and university symphonies, district and state competitions, and community ensembles. Kaela went on to pursue her bachelor's degree in music therapy from Drury University and graduated May of 2020. Kaela has worked in the music therapy field since graduating in both the Tampa Bay and St. Louis areas. 

Through her academic, intern, and professional experiences Kaela has developed a love for working with multiple populations in a variety of facets. She does have a soft spot for children and those she is able to share her love of violin with. Kaela is honored to be an advocate for the services this organization provides. She works behind-the-scenes to share the amazing work that The Song Society is doing and promotes events that help the organization to continue providing the healing power of songwriting.




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