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About Jaime.

Jaime has been a professional performing musician in the St. Louis area for 20 years, fronting bands like Super Majik Robots, Big Rain, McLovin’ and occasionally My Friend Mike. After a 10-year career in marketing she decided to take a leap of faith and switch professions to follow her passion using music to service others, after her mother suddenly passed when she was 24 years old. 


Jaime is a passionate and motivated individual driven by her desire to give back. During her educational journey attaining her masters in music therapy, she crossed paths with Tracie Sandheinrich. Together, they realized their like-mindedness personally and professionally. With Jaime’s background in writing music, she was determined to work for a program offering therapeutic songwriting to children in the medical setting. For five years she dedicated her time, focus and energy to a similar and former program alongside Tracie and decided to research the main themes from the children’s songs (diagnosed with cancer). That marked the beginning of many national oral presentations and posters for the AMTA (American Music Therapy Association), ITA (Institute for Therapy Through Arts), a published chapter in the book, Trauma-Informed Music Therapy. Theory and Practice (2022). In addition to this research, Jaime was also the principal investigator for publishing her research in the only sickle cell journal in the world, Journal of Sickle Cell Disease and Hemoglobinopathies. The Song Society plans to continue the much needed research for this population, community and supporters.


With Jaime’s previous marketing and event production background, with companies like Anheuser-Busch/AB InBev and Energizer Brands, she decided to take on the role of Co-Executive Director as well as one of the lead music therapists. ​Jaime lives everyday with a Mark Twain quote, “Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” You never know where your dreams may take you. After the career change and nearly a decade of perseverance she says it was worth every minute.




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