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About Destiny.

Music has been a driving force in Destiny’s life. Since childhood, she has been surrounded and influenced by music. Her entire family was and is musically gifted, so it was only natural that she fell in love with everything about it. Very early on she began singing with her family and quickly took a liking to piano. At a very early age, Destiny grew an interest and a love for poetry. It’s through that love that she began writing her own songs at the age of seven. With her interest in piano a few years later, she began to put those words to music, and they started to come to life. Her pursuit of music throughout the years in school kept her growing and learning about music and other instruments, but her passion for songwriting is what became her greatest joy.  

Years went by, she started a career, through another creative path with cosmetology. She knew this wasn’t it. Her love for music had only grown deeper. Destiny was a part of an alternative band for years, directed music at a church, and was often found singing for weddings around the Kansas City area, but there had to be more. It was in her early twenties when the unfortunate circumstances of her grandmother’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s Disease brought something fascinating to light. Her family was continuously playing music with her grandmother in the nursing home and her response was profound at the least. To see how her grandmother came to life and interacted with family through music was emotionally moving and healing. It was a nursing staff member that told her about music therapy. Destiny couldn’t believe her ears and immediately started researching everything she could about the field. It was at that point the journey began in her heart and mind.

It was years later that she found herself the opportunity to go back to school. What a dream come true. After years of contemplation and hoping for possibilities, Destiny made the trek across the state to St. Louis where she attended Maryville University’s music therapy program. It was, what felt like, a long journey but she graduated and continued to a clinical internship with Music Therapy St. Louis. Now at present day, this is everything she had hoped for. The journey continues, but where she is now couldn’t be any more perfect. Her passion is to assist individuals in their journey through difficult circumstances and health diagnosis find the words and the place to share their story. Her purpose is to use music to navigate the good and the bad of these individuals’ journeys and to ultimately give them the opportunity to have a voice when circumstances seem to be taking everything away. Music therapy provides that chance and that’s what Destiny hopes to do through The Song Society.




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